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Hand-Picked Brown Cornish Crab Meat

Ready to eat:

To ensure the finest quality, our small team hand-picks the meat out of its shell to produce a deliciously chunky meat that is sure to please your taste buds.


Choose from 250g or 500g.


All our hand-picked crab meat is sealed immediately in vacuum packs to maximise freshness.

Hand-Picked Brown Cornish Crab Meat

  • Sustainably and Ethically Sourced Shellfish

    We only source from day-boat fishermen, landing in Padstow and Newquay in North Cornwall. Day boats are the beating heart of the quality-focussed fishing industry, always owner-operated. For you, this mean 100% confidence in traceability and sourcing of our product.


    Hand-picked for Quality

    Our shellfish is steamed within 24 hours of landing, ensuring the most delicate and succulent texture imaginable. 

    We never pasteurise our crab, we prioritise quality over shelf life.

    Cornish crab is famous for size, so we hand-pick all our crab to maintain tasty, chunky pieces of meat.

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