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Sustainably Sourced Shellfish For Restaurants

Caught with day boats, in the unpolluted, stormy seas between St. Ives and Padstow, North Coast brown crab runs as the largest in the country. 

Once caught, the crabs are cooked modern, picked traditional. The meat is steamed and chilled with top technology, but hand-picked with methods as old as the fishing industry in Cornwall. 

Over the past 30 years, other producers have begun using industrialised methods that don’t prioritise flavour; live freezing, stressed storage, boiling, pasteurising and machine picking. We do the opposite, focussing on quality over cost. 

That’s why as small, young producers we can produce crab meat that is among the finest ingredients available in Britain - and we would like to champion it with you.

Ethical Fishing

We only source from day-boat fishermen. 

Day boats are the beating heart of the quality-focussed fishing industry, always owner-operated. For you, this mean 100% confidence in traceability and sourcing of our product. 

Day boats can only fish for a day at a time, meaning time between catch and land is absolutely minimal.

Day-boat fishermen are also restricted by weather, so over the course of the year stocks have a chance to recover. 

The boats we work with pot all their shellfish, so undersized and breeding stock are returned. It is considered the most sustainable way to fish shellfish. 

Hand-Picked For Quality

Same-day steamed:
Our shellfish is steamed within 24 hours of landing, ensuring the most delicate and succulent texture imaginable. Never languishing in dark tanks, our shellfish is guaranteed to headline any dish.

Quality over shelf life:
Our crab is never pasteurised. 

Vacuum-sealed for unparalleled freshness:
Guaranteed to be top-quality for 5 days from picking (4 days from delivery), our shellfish is the freshest you'll taste.


Cornish crab is famous for size, so we hand-pick all our crab to maintain tasty, chunky pieces of meat.

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