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Caught with day boats, in the unpolluted, stormy seas between St. Ives and Padstow, North Coast brown crab runs as the largest in the country.

Once caught, the crabs are cooked modern, picked traditional. The meat is steamed and chilled with top technology, but hand-picked with methods as old as the fishing industry in Cornwall.


Over the past 30 years, other producers have begun using industrialised methods that don’t prioritise flavour; live freezing, stressed storage, boiling, pasteurising and machine picking. We do the opposite, focussing on quality over cost.


That’s why as small, young producers we can produce crab meat that is among the finest ingredients available in Britain.

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We pride ourselves on using only local, fresh ingredients.


Our seafood is all caught along the North Coast of Cornwall, from small day boats out of Padstow, Newquay and St. Ives. We will vary the menu dependent on seasonality and availability.


Bread is the foundation of a good sandwich. Our sandwiches are served on local, artisan bread, made bespoke for us by two bakeries in Newquay.


All our sandwiches are served with a large portion of hand-cooked, West Country crisps.


Everything else we make from scratch, including our range of mayos, which are made fresh with St. Ewe free range eggs and paired to accompany each different seafood sandwich. 

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